LEED for Homes is a consensus-based green building rating system that encompasses prerequisites and credit options over 7 separate sections. Buildings can earn certification on 4 levels ‘Certified’, ‘Silver’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’. Although all buildings must meet the prescribed requirements of the program, certification level is based on how well a project scores in the optional credit categories.

The 7 sections in the LEED for Homes rating system are: Innovation and Design (ID), Location and Linkages (LL), Sustainable Sites (SS), Water Efficiency (WE), Energy and Atmosphere (EA), Materials and Resources (MR), Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) and Awareness and Education (AE). Britain Way Apartments is designed to achieve all mandatory requirements of each section and excel in the credit options to the Gold certification threshold.
Innovation and Design (ID) – Focuses on green design and integration of professionals to help ensure that the green features will be incorporated into all design theories.  This section also addresses durability issues and a quality assurance process during construction.
Location and Linkages (LL) – Rewards projects for promoting pedestrian activity, mass transit systems, and locating a project within an urban fabric.
Sustainable Sites (SS) – Addresses environmentally responsible landscape design with an emphasis on drought tolerant species, noninvasive plants, and erosion controls.
Water Efficiency (WE) – Addresses both indoor and outdoor water consumption and rewards points for using high efficiency plumbing fixtures and irrigation system.
Energy and Atmosphere (EA) – Addresses the energy consumption of the design in comparison to standard building practices. This section also addresses verification of quality insulation and thermal air barrier installation.
Materials and Resources (MR) – Emphasizes environmentally responsible forestry practices and rewards projects for using materials that are located near the project site, have recycled content and/or low VOC content. This section also rewards projects for diverting construction waste away from the landfill.
Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) – Requires all LEED projects to supply fresh air, exhaust kitchens to the outdoors and exhaust bathrooms to the outdoors. The more efficiently these requirements are met the more points earned. This section also covers high quality HVAC filtration, unit flush-out prior to occupancy and contaminates control during construction.
Awareness and Education (AE) – Promotes resident education of Green Building both specific to each project and general.